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"...I'm just a tumbleweed that tumbled into town and landed on your porch...A lonesome drifter singing Country Gold and songs from the Lonesome Highway."
           ~ Denny

Denny Kuller was born in Las Vegas to an Air Force father,
Has lived in Nevada, Rhode Island, France, Germany, Virginia, Ohio, California, and Arizona.
Got first guitar at 13, first band at 14 (got paid),
played first bar at 15.
Spent a decade playing on the road in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, W. Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Florida, and Michigan.
Never made it to Memphis.
Has lived on the highways, backroads, and dirt roads of Arizona since 1996 and has played in Arizona, California, Nevada, Colorado, and Montana... (so far)...
  "Got no direction home.  Maybe it's just over the next horizon..."

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