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Lonesome Highway News

The Lonesome Highways News


by Dennis Kuller on 11/30/18

  • New Year's Eve: Private Party Prescott Valley AZ
  • Saturday Jan.5: Grasshopper Grill Cornville AZ 5:30-8:830pm
  • Saturday Jan. 12: KOA Gila Bend
  • Sunday Jan. 13: Grubstake Grill Quartzsite AZ
  • Saturday Jan. 26: La Siesta Campgrounds Vintage Travel Trailer Show Arivaca AZ
  • Sunday Jan. 27: La Siesta Campgrounds Vintage Travel Trailer Show Arivaca AZ
  • Saturday Feb. 2: Grasshopper Grill Cornville AZ  5:30-8:30pm


by Dennis Kuller on 08/12/18

  • Friday Nov. 2: Co-Op Grill Arlington AZ  6-9pm
  • Saturday Nov. 10: Grasshopper Grill  Cornville AZ  5:30-8:30pm
  • Saturday Dec. 1: Grasshopper Grill Cornville AZ  5:30-8:30pm

The Latest News

by Dennis Kuller on 07/13/18

I made a Promotional Video at WVCO BBQ May 20.

It's on YouTube, Facebook & Twitter.
see: Denny Kuller Promotional Video.
It's a 4 min. sampler of my LIVE performance.
ALSO: on YouTube see:
  • Denny Kuller Moondown Live
  • Denny Kuller Josine Jackson Live
  • Denny Kuller When You Know Live
  • Denny Kuller No Torches Live.
4 Full Length Originals.
I'm waiting on 100 Promotional Video DVD's. They should come Monday July 16. Then , I will make the rounds to get Gigs in Prescott AZ and beyond.

Just booked Thursday Aug 9 at Tin Top Bar & Grill in Wintersburg (Tonopah) AZ.

Back on the Road

by Dennis Kuller on 06/12/18

Back on the Road again this week: 

Down to the Tin Top Bar & Grill in Wintersburg AZ Thurs. June 14th
& The Co-Op Bar & Grill Sat. & Sun. June 16 & 17
Meet me down on the Desert for some HOT Times!

I've been reviewing the results of my Live Video taken May 20 at the WVCO BBQ Picnic.Looks & sounds GREAT!
It's being mixed & edited in Austin TX by Mark Anthony, my Music Producer,
AND his son, who is in College majoring in Video Production.
I'll wind up with a Video with 4 of my songs for YouTube, etc..
( Moondown, Josine Jackson, When You Know, & No Torches)
AND... a Demo DVD for my Promotional Package.
Wait for it; Watch for it!

Tin Top 1-Nighter

by Dennis Kuller on 06/02/18

Whew!! A 1-Nighter! Gone 11 hrs.

I played Thursday May 31 at the Tin Top Bar & Grill in Wintersburg & didn't take the 'Lil Airstream. Just went down, played OFC&W Music, & drove back.
It went well! I was able to connect with new fans & got good tips & a great AJ's Turkey Club Sandwich.
I'll be back there Thursday June 14th with my AS in tow; then the 15th & 16th at Co-Op Bar & Grill in nearby Arlington for Fathers Day Weekend.


by Dennis Kuller on 05/22/18

  • Thursday May 31: Tin Top Bar & Grill Wintersburg AZ  6pm
  • Saturday June 9: Hitt Private Party  Prescott AZ
  • Thursday June 14: Tin Top Bar & Grill  Wintersburg AZ  6pm
  • Saturday June 16:  Co-Op Bar & Grill Arlington AZ
  • Sunday June 17:  Co-Op Bar & Grill  Arlington AZ (Fathers Day) Afternoon
  • Thursday August 9: Tin Top Bar & Grill Wintersburg (Tonopah) AZ

I'm Movin' On

by Dennis Kuller on 05/07/18

I'm Movin' On.

Not at the Dry Gulch Steakhouse anymore. After 8 1/2  great years, I'm seeking new possibilities for the Future. I'm going to be Airstreamin' more & finding Gigs where I want to go Regionally in addition to other venues in and around Prescott AZ. 
AND... where the weather suits my clothes.
"Life Is Too Short"
Already planted some SnowBirding seeds down South for next Fall.
Until then, I'll be a SunBird.....

Yeah, I know I'm lazy

by Dennis Kuller on 11/28/17

Yeah, I'm lazy & not up to date on my website. Computer Illiterate.

Don't know how to set it up for CD Online sales. Need computer scientist to help. CDBaby works,.. & Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, etc...etc...Wherever you get your music ought to have downloads & streaming.
Mail Order works! send a money order & I'll put it in the mail. Old School.
Come to my gigs & get one & I'll autograph it. 

Playing at Jody's Party this Thursday. Crash it.

Moondown Release

by Dennis Kuller on 11/24/16

My new Album, Moondown is out!

Finally after 3 1/2 years in the making, with 6 new songs written for it & a lot of blood, sweat, tears & fears, it's officially released Black Friday Nov. 24 2016.
CDBaby has had it up for a few days & already have sales!
They also will put it on many other places on the Internet. Check it out where you get your tunes.
Also sold some out of the back of the pickup & some Mail Orders.

I love it. I'm proud of it. I believe it's my best work ever!
Hope you do, too.

Old Congress Days 2016

by Dennis Kuller on 10/03/16

WHEW! Just had a great 3 Gigs in 2 Days weekend including the Dry Gulch Steakhouse in Prescott, AZ  Friday & Saturday nites and Saturday noonish at Old Congress Days Festival in Congress,AZ. Saw some old friends & made a bunch of new ones. Many THANKS to King Houston for all he does!

 Sold a bunch of  No Direction Home CD's.
Only 48 left!
Getting REAL close to releasing my next album: Moondown.
Taking care of the last details on the liner notes, waiting for the Graphic Designer to send potential Logos for Kullertone Records, making arrangements for DiscMakers to make mine,.......
GOTTA have 'em for Black Friday or sooner! 3 years in the making.

Next Weekend:  October 7-8, It's another 3 Gigs in 2 Days Event!
Friday & Saturday nites at The Gulch & SaturDAY at the Skull Valley Pie & Ice Cream Social in Skull Valley, AZ at the Museum at the Old Train Depot, Iron Springs Rd. & AT&SF Railroad.
I get pie.
Hope to see you there!